MXC Connectors

In today's world there is an ever-increasing need for more data, at faster speeds. The new MXC™ optical fiber connector system, created by US Conec, makes use of advanced high-density interconnect technology allowing it to offer greater speeds within data centers and networks.

MXC Cables

PRIZM MT FerrulePRIZM MT™ Ferrule

Able to support up to 64 fibers each handling one wavelength at 25 Gbps, the main component of the MXC™ connector system is the hermaphroditic PRIZM MT™ ferrule (also known as a lensed or expanded beam MT ferrule). This allows for speeds of up 1.6 Tbit/s (800 Gpbs in each direction), at this speed an entire 2 hour HD movie (4 GB) could be downloaded in just under 2 seconds.

The dimensions of the MXC™ ferrule are the same as those of a MT ferrule used in MTP®/MPO connectors. The key difference being that the PRIZM MT™ ferrule tip supports 64 micro lenses within 4 rows, each row containing 16 lenses.

MXC™ Connector Applications

Being able to support greater bandwidth than traditional MT fiber optic connectors, MXC™ connectors are being rolled out wherever high-speed data transmission is a top priority. This includes primarily Telecommunication Hubs and Servers, Storage Facilities, Open-Compute Architectures and Cloud Data Centers.

QualityFeatures and Benefits

  • QualitySupports up to 64 fibers per ferrule
  • 1.6 Tbit/s per connector
  • Standard MT-ferrule compatible
  • Lower cost due to reduced components
  • No polishing required for assembly
  • LC-style latch for easy insertion and removal
  • Easy installation
  • Small size

The Next Big Thing

As technology marches forward the MXC™ optical fiber connector system is doing its bit to stay ahead of the pack. We can most likely expect to see a switch from older solutions, as faster data transfer rates become essential to big business around the globe and begin the adoption of newer and more advanced solutions such as the MXC™.

MXC™, MTP®, PRIZM™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of US Conec Ltd.

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